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Firing Service

We only use electric Kilns,

(reduction firings are not available).

Turn around time for work being fired is 5-15 working days.

High firing now available

2017-03-20 12.11.21.jpg


Bisque firing 960 – 1000°C   –  Cone 06

Earthenware Glaze firing 1090°C   –  Cone 03

Midfiring  1230°C   –  Cone 6

To help us protect our kilns and other people’s’ work:

We do not accept wet work. It must be 100% dry when you drop it off for firing.  If you are unsure, please wait to bring your pieces.
Make sure to place work on the correct firing shelf.

Work must be clearly named.

Our storage is limited, therefore uncollected work will be disposed of after 1 month.


We take extreme care with your work, however accidents do happen and we are unable to guarantee that your pieces will fire successfully.

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